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I loved this drama because of the fact that a not good lo Oking person, unconfident and a little bit slow person also have the right to have happy life. It was cute and dorky , and other scenes is amazing though. But i liked the fillers so it is ok :) Watch first before judging. Actually I was hoping that this drama would be lively and high school stuff but it was boring and the title doesn't even tally with the storyline,we don't know what happened to min suk hyung and it is very unrealistic for a woman who is ten years old ,a college graduate marrying a highschooler,it like a senior high marrying a junior grade student... :) (c) @Mrs Furukawa - twitter i second u @nabilah..actually, this drama made me a fan of seo in guk. i watched master sun b4 but sadly i totally ignored him there. can't question how good this drama.can learn many things through this drama..i.e. i like seo in guk since i watched master sun......i like the character of min suk and soo young also gramps......there are cute couple min suk and soo young...... To be honest, if Jung Soo Young had realized that her love for Min Suk was just an sisterly maternal love, and that Min Suk had found out that his feelings for Soo Young turned into merely love for an elder sister in the very end, the drama would have been more beautiful and realistic...sad, yes, and at least it's meaningful. I'm not a fun of seo in guk but after watching this drama I'll reconsider the thought of not having him on my list . I can go on and on.Episode 9 is the most romantic episode I have seen in a k drama. Ms Milk Toast still weirds me out a little with her deluxe dorkynessi but I have to admit seeing her sleep with her glasses on was funny. It has an intense love triangle even though director yoo doesn't know he loves her yet *wink wink* but episode 10 looks amazing. Episode 8 is one of the most romantic episodes I have ever seen in a kdrama.